Hackney Kitchen

Royal Academy of Arts, London

Urban Jigsaw Exhibition, 2016 (project with Atelier Kite)

curator: Owen Hopkins

The RA invited architects to propose speculative ideas for the use of London's brownfield sites for a thematic exhibition and programme series. Along with three British practices, such as Stirling prize winner Maccreanor Lavington and almanac, I presented my vision with Atelier Kite for an alternative 21st-century food infrastructure operating along London's Overground network. More details here. Or listen to the RA's related podcast here.

Themes: rethinking the role of the domestic kitchen for current urban conditions of demographics, economic and social relations and growing environmental concerns. New typology for living, combining a range of food related functions from storage to waste management.



Babette's Town Feast

Town Square of Fredericia, Denmark, 2017

Contributors: EASA Denmark, Florian Siegel, Babette's Feast workshop, Damian Marchlewich (chef) & his team, Fredericia Kommune, Bernie Nielsen, Marie Fonvig, Gitte Lyager Ryan


Photo credits: Alexandra Kononchencko, Marie Fonvig. 

Fredericia Food Lab

Fredericia, Denmark, 2017

Team members: 

Florian Siegel, Fabio Bayro Kaiser, Martynas Germanavicius, Dora Gorenak, Medina Hadzic, Clara Hamann, Paulius Kliucininkas, Bruno Lang-Kosic, Veronika Ocadlí­ková, Ivan Vratnica, Monty Williams

Contributors: EASA Denmark, Fredericia Kommune, Bernie Nielsen, Marie Fonvig, Gitte Lyager Ryan, Michael Larsen, Lise Nielson

Photo credits: Alexandra Kononchencko, Florian Siegel


Hob Hub: A Kitchen to Share

City Living in Jätkäsaari Housing Fair 2018, Helsinki

exhibition organised by The Urban Academy

The 'hob-hub' is an experimental communal kitchen faciltiy operating both in physical space and as a virtual platform. Here, users get to shop, cook, eat or share food - fostering community as much as collaborative convenience.


Festival Feed

Fredericia, Denmark, 2017


Design and organisation of the food supply chain of the EASA summer school of 2017. There's a fascinating, complex system behind feeding 500 people at a festival. So rather than letting this happen invisibly, in this project we challenged the ways in which we relate to the effort, mechanisms and people behind our daily meals. The food supply and kitchen take centre stage, directly involving the festival participants, local community and resources, throughout all stages from supply to waste. The kitchen becomes a physical and social tie between the festival and the locals, to be gradually adapted to and adopted by the town and everyday local life after the festival is over.


Contributors and project partners: Slava Ivanov, Damian Marchlewich & Kamil Lenard, Fredericia Kommune, Michael Larsen (Løvbjerg), Marie Fonvig (Det Grønne Rum), Bobbie Nielsen, Gitte Lyager Ryan, Lise Nielson (venligboerne)

Helpers on the Food Team: Anna Jasienska, Marina Klanjcic, Irene Lunghi, Lorena Morales Martin, Migle Paužaite, Ángela Shepherd Díaz, Özlem Yazgan, Aleksandra Wróbel, Sarunas Semulis, Povilas Sindriunas

Related projects:  Fredericia Food Lab | Babette's Town Feast